T-Mobile’s “Best Deal Ever” – Free Samsung Galaxy Smartphones For All

T-Mobile’s “Best Deal Ever” – Free Samsung Galaxy Smartphones For All

T-Mobile announced a new summer deal that will give every person in a family a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Understandably enough, the Un-carrier cannot dole out free Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 handsets. The company has, on the other hand, managed to secure Samsung Galaxy On5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphones for its customers. Whether customers get the On5 or the J7 depends on the plan.

Calling it their best deal ever, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took a jab at rival carriers in typical John Legere fashion. “… this is a lifeline for the carriers’ long-abused customers, who have got to be sick of the rate hikes, the restrictions and the carrier BS,” said the illustrious T-Mobile CEO. He went on to say that “T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied wireless customers in America!”

The new deal applies to Simple Choice customers who have access to either a 6GB or 10GB T-Mobile plan. As many as 12 people on the same plan can secure 12 Galaxy smartphones, making this an ideal deal for big families. Customers who qualify for the deal will end up signing up for at least 24GB of data shared between four members per month, which costs a total of $120 with the Un-carrier. Families can add further lines at a reduced rate of $20 a month. Every customer under this plan is entitled to a Samsung Galaxy On5 handset, which has a retail price of $140.

T-Mobile is also giving away the $240-priced Galaxy J7 handset. That, however, is applicable to families who have signed up for 10GB of data per line. The monthly plan will cost four family members a total of $160, while additional lines can be added to the plan for a reduced rate of $30 per line. These customers can avoid using up their high-speed data limit by making the best of Music Freedom and Binge On services. T-Mobile’s Data Stash feature will further help these users save as much as 20GB of unused data per year.

Both smartphone models are available on a 24-month, no-cost finance agreement. Customers will only need to pay the sales tax for the 2 years that they spend with the smartphone, and will simply be credited the cost of their Galaxy smartphone on their monthly bill.

T-Mobile identified kids going back to school as its target market, claiming that its plans and free smartphones will help parents free up their budget. The Un-carrier revealed that as much as half of the “back-to-school budgets” consist of tech essentials. The T-Mobile free Galaxy phone offer is available for a limited time.

All in all, the deal is good for families who are not too picky about the smartphone they use. The deal might not work for those who want the latest gadgets or iPhones, but families looking to save on some cash can certainly benefit from the deal. That said, having to purchase at least 6GB of data per line benefits T-Mobile more than the customers. Users who use WiFi to stream video and audio content might feel obliged to use the Un-carrier’s services in order to properly utilize their monthly quota. This will boost usage statistics for T-Mobile services such as Binge On and Music Freedom, which will reflect well on the carrier.

The move comes after Verizon Wireless hiked the price of its data plans, making its offering seem less attractive in comparison. T-Mobile has timed the announcement of its offer well, and this appears to be a marketing stunt that will definitely pull in a few budget conscious individuals. Given that most of the US population has already signed up for a carrier’s services, T-Mobile will be hoping to wrestle some of the market share from Verizon as it closes in on the top two US-based carriers.

Editing by Shuaib Ahmed;Graphics by Muhammad Shoaib