Nest Adds Outdoor Cam to its Home Product Arsenal

Nest Adds Outdoor Cam to its Home Product Arsenal

Afraid of robbers? No need anymore, as Nest is here to secure your home now. The Alphabet-owned company increased its product portfolio from three to four with the introduction of its Nest Cam Outdoor. The camera will protect users from intruders, when they try to enter the house. The outdoor camera was launched after the search engine quantified a heavy demand from its customers.

Cam Outdoor is similar to the Cam Indoor, previously called the Nest Cam, which was introduced last year. It captures videos in 1080p HD, just like the indoor camera and offers live-streaming on Android smartphones and iPhones alike. The videos can be viewed through a 130-degree wide-viewing lens, which gives a better feel to the surroundings.

The camera has a two-way microphone so that it easy to communicate through audio with people who are outside the house. Like the indoor camera, the outdoor camera detects motion and alerts users through push notification on Nest app installed in their smartphones. The camera will be available for $199 only from this fall.

Nest director hardware product marketing Maxime Veron said: “Nest Cam provides customers with peace of mind and the ability to stay connected to the things they care most about. Now, Nest Cam Outdoor brings thoughtful security outside of customers’ homes, helping them secure their property and giving them more ways to watch over their families, even when they’re miles away.”

Most features and the prices are almost identical, but the cameras carry visible differences in terms of the casing. Cam Outdoor is weather proof. It has the ability to work in different temperatures as well.

Also, the camera-housing and power-outlet cable can be painted to match with the exterior of the home. Setting up Cam Outdoor is very easy due to the recently-introduced methods. The camera can be mounted on the walls with the help of the screws. The powerful Snap-On magnetic base can also be used to fit the camera anywhere without drilling any holes.

Through Person Alerts, Nest will send notifications whenever there is someone in the range. It not only will notify, but also tells if it was a person, a car, or an animal. These intelligent alerts are possible due to the machine-learning technology and algorithms that the company has taken from Google to provide accurate results. Personal alerts are available in both Dropcam and Nestcam cameras.

Nest has made improvements to its app as well. The fifth-generation app allows customers to control all the company’s products from a single app. It shows wide-angle video previews after the company expanded the camera’s view to full screen. A new tool called “Spaces” has been introduced to give users more control over all their Nest devices.

The app, set to be released later this month on iOS and Android, will let users monitor the Thermostat, smoke detector, or Cam Indoor. It will also allow protected sharing, where users can share their live stream videos with others, which are password protected.

This feature can come in handy during a vacation; users can ask their relatives or friends to keep an eye on their home through the shared streaming. The Nest app also automatically adjusts your bandwidth to avoid buffering. Dropcam Pro users can view high-resolution videos by updating their app.

Lastly, the new app will support wearables as well. Apple Watch and Android Wear both will be compatible with it, which will allow users to adjust the temperature of their thermostat via these wearables. Pre-sales order for the Nest Cam Outdoor starts today, while multiple-unit packs will be available for sale later this year.

Nest over the time has been in the news when co-founder and CEO Tony Fadell decided to leave the company that he had sold to Google Inc. for $3.2 billion in February 2014. Mr. Fadell said that he would move into an advisory role now. However, the real turmoil for Nest started with the acquisition of Dropcam that was made in mid-2014.

Editing by Aiman Haroon;Graphics by Mansoor Shafqat