Apple’s Project Titan Just Got Faster With a Possible F1 Acquisition Apple’s Project Titan Just Got Faster With a Possible F1 Acquisition There’s a new rumor going around the race-track that Apple Inc. may be...

BowFlex Let’s just push past the whole inherent irony of naming a product category “smart dumbbells,” shall we? This is 2016, we’re living in the future. And really, if something isn’t connected to a smartphone, does it really exist? No. Of course it doesn’t. BowFlex has been showing off it ST560 Smart Dumbbells for a couple of years now, and, much to the chagrin of… Read More

mars-2020-rover-cad-diagram-pia20759-full The rover NASA plans to send to Mars in 2020 is taking shape, and today its near-final design was revealed, along with details on several of its cool new instruments. The computer-generated image of all the rover’s components is too cool to be missed. Read More

IMG_5816 Soon we’ll all be mumbling to everything in our homes, calling up microwave popcorn and vacuum cleanings like befuddled Scotties in the Voyage Home. Until then Dish is giving us the option of chatting with our TV remotes with the new $30 Voice Remote. The squat remote has a button on the side that activates voice commands like “Watch ESPN,” “Record this,” or… Read More

lepton_feat The “middle-out” algorithm that has its roots in the most infamous (and probably funniest) scene in HBO’s “Silicon Valley” may have been fictional, but something like it can be found in Lepton, a cool new lossless image compressor created by Dropbox. Read More

Tesla Autopilot The Tesla Model X that crashed in Pennsylvania on July 1 had autopilot disabled at the time, Elon Musk announced on Twitter. This info comes straight from the vehicle’s own logs. Read More

swagbot_feat Is nothing sacred? The rugged trails that over history have been trod by cowboys, gauchos, ranch hands, and in Australia, swagmen, are now to be presided over by cold, calculating machines. SwagBot is the vanguard of our incoming steer-driving overlords, its independent all-wheel drive churning carelessly the mud in which once toiled our manly forbears and their snorting charges. Read More

NES_Classic_1 When you’re on a roll, why not make crowd-pleasing decisions. Nintendo, which has seen its market cap soar thanks to the Pokemon Go phenomenon, just announced that it will relaunch its iconic NES console. Read More

Raw-Lr-Import Adobe’s Lightroom is a widely used tool among photographers, but the mobile version has always been hampered by poor RAW support — until now. Previously limited to DNG files, Lightroom for iOS now has the ability to open and tweak any RAW file that the desktop version can. Read More

Shy but cute ferret Here’s your weird but interesting technology story for the day. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is using M&M-dispensing drones to save endangered black-footed ferrets in rural Montana. The ferret’s main source of food is prairie dogs, which are being killed by the sylvatic plague, a disease spread by rats and fleas that has existed since the 1800s. To date,… Read More